The year of foundation

The club grew out of a small friend round of golfers. On the occasion of a round of golf in the autumn of 2000, the then Spanish ambassador will talk about his experiences in Geneva, in particular a regular round of golf with diplomats and business representatives.

At hole 2 (Handicap 1) in Ebreichsdorf, the then Filipino ambassador Victor Garcia III enthusiastically provokes a fulminating tee off: „Let’s be a club in Vienna!“

The club was founded in the spring of 2001 in the Spanish residence in Vienna with the name Club Diplomatie & Wirtschaft of 20 people.

Since then, the goal has been to bring together the Ambassadors accredited in Vienna and their deputies with representatives of the Austrian economy in a friendly atmosphere.

The initiators:

  • H.E. Ambassador Raimundo Peréz-Hernandez y Torra (Spain)
  • H.E. Ambassador Victor Garcia III (Philippines)
  • H.E. Ambassador Sorayouth Prompoj (Thailand)