Full member:

Ordinary members are those who fully participate in the work of the association – with voting rights.


Extraordinary member:

Extraordinary members are those who participate in the association’s work – without voting rights.


Honorary Member:

Honorary members are persons who are appointed for special services to the association or special social status.


The association board



KommR. Josef Vuzem


Vice Presidents:

Ambassador ret. Dr. Jan Koukal (Czech Republic)

Ambassador ret. Dr. Kiril Kalev (Bulgaria)



WT Mag. Nora Riehl



RA Dr. Arno Brauneis



Dr. Michael Fembek

Ing. Christoph Wanderer, MBA


Honorary Presidency:

2001-2004 H.E. Ambassador Raimundo Perez Hernandez y Torra (Spain)

2004-2006 H.E. Ambassador Victor Garcia III (Philippines)

2006-2007 H.E. Ambassador Rudolf Schaller (Switzerland)

2007-2008 H.E. Ambassador Sung-Hwan Kim (Korea)

2008-2010 H.E. Ambassador Frank Cogan (Ireland)

2010-2013 H.E. Ambassador Jan Koukal (Czech Republic)

2013-2014 S.E. Ambassador Dato Muhammad Sharul Ikram (Malaysia)

2014-2015 H.E. Ambassador Dato Selwyn Das (Malaysia)

2015-2017 H.E. Ambassador Mark Bailey (Canada)

2017-2018 H.E. Ambassador Jaime Cabal Sanclemente (Columbia)

2018-2020 H.E. Ambassador Dato Ganeson Sivagurunathan (Malaysia)

2020-2023 H.E. Ambassador Ivana Cervenkova (Czech Republic)

2023-2024 H.E. Ambassador Roland Bimo (Albania)